The Ansoff Matrix – Understanding Growth Strategies

I am sure many of you are familiar with the Ansoff Matrix. It is a simple strategic planning tool aimed at understanding generic strategies for growing a business via existing or new products in existing or new markets. The 2*2 matrix was presented by Igor Ansoff in his 1957 article in HBR and is still […]

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Choosing Your Strategy

If you are not already operating in an industry and are looking to invest in a new business, chances are that you will do some serious thinking (and analysis) to figure out which industries are attractive in terms of future potential. For that, you may use a framework, possibly Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. The Five […]

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Understanding Positioning

In your career in marketing or advertising, one of the terms that you are likely to encounter pretty frequently is ‘Positioning’. It will be thrown at you so often that it is well worth understanding what it really means. More importantly, the concept will be of immense importance to you in your work life and […]

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Making a Great Marketing Plan

In most companies, the marketing plan is a part of the overall business plan; ideally, it should mesh in seamlessly into the business plan. A business plan is obviously the complete plan of the business and incorporates the plans of other functions in it. Good companies ensure that the business plan is made cross-functionally so […]

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Marketing Research for Better Decisions

As you sink your teeth into marketing, you will find that you would be using marketing research on a fairly regular basis, hopefully for making more considered decisions.  Every company that I have worked for used/uses marketing research on a regular basis; in fact, some of them actually have a dedicated marketing research team or […]

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What is Marketing and Why Marketers Need to Win it Back

While there are many professional companies in India that get what marketing is, I find that there are the rest who don’t have a proper idea of what it really entails. I have been aghast to find that many so-called marketers in India spend the bulk of their time on advertising and other promotional activities. […]

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