We would be delighted if you would like to share your posts on marketing and related subjects in BlueBarn.

Just a few points:

  1. You are free to contribute as many posts as you like. The more, the better! The contributor’s name would be acknowledged against the post.
  2. The article that you write will be posted in BlueBarn after it has been scrutinised. In some cases, minor editing changes could be made to take care of grammatical and spelling mistakes, to improve the flow or to delete objectionable and irrelevant portions. In a very few cases, the article could be rejected if it is found to be below par or inappropriate. The changes will be at the discretion of the administrators of BlueBarn. In case you do not like the changes made to your post, you could request the administrators of BlueBarn to remove your post by e-mailing to editor@bluebarn.in.
  3. BlueBarn will put an appropriate visual with your post. The choice of visualwould be at the sole discretion of the administrators of BlueBarn.
  4. All contributions should be original. In case a member contributes an article that has been written by someone else or has been taken from any other source, the contributing member should acknowledge the relevant source/s. BlueBarn will not be responsible in any way for any plagiarised or borrowed contributions.
  5. In case anyone raises any valid objection to a particular post, it would be deleted at the sole discretion of the administrators of BlueBarn.
  6. Please e-mail your post/article to editor@bluebarn.in for us to post it on BlueBarn.

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