Is It Lickable?


It is Steve Jobs who said that the definition of a superbly designed product is one that you would WANT TO LICK! They are that attractive!

And it is the ‘lickable’ brands that stand apart – Apple in computers, tablets and MP3 players and telephones, BMW in cars, Nike in shoes, Starbucks in cafes, Sony in many of their products.

It is only now that Indians are getting used to seeing superbly designed products. I remember, quite vividly, those days when we had horrible refrigerator boxes with bent doors and mismatched handles, the clumsy Fiats and Ambassadors and myriads of other shoddy products.

Great design can make a brand stand apart and, in today’s era where technology is easily copied, become its biggest DIFFERENTIATOR. But design is not just about the product. A good company will look at design in everything it does – it the way its office looks, in the ‘presentation’ of its training manual, in its purchasing process, in the way its service caller addresses the client.

Designmindedness or excellence in design should be a critical part of any organisation’s Core Value Statement. Because it is the companiesthat come out with outstandingly designed products who will enjoy that definite edge. stand joystick help cartrimmer

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