Mastering the World of Marketing: The Ultimate Training Resource from the Biggest Names in Marketing

– By Erik Taylor and David Riklan

Mastering the World of Marketing has 50 chapters! That seems like a large number but each chapter is only a few pages long. And that is because each chapter has been written by a different marketing specialist. The specialists include Jack Trout, Allen Weiss, Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, Dr. Joe Vitale, Matt Bacak, Joe Sugarman, Yanik Silver, Rich Schefren, Rick Frishman, Tony Hsieh, Michael Port, Perry Marshall, Michael Fortin, Jay Conrad Levinson, Shama Kubani, Jim Kukral, Terry Dean, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Matt Bacak, Jeff Herring, Charlie Cook and Ryan Lee. Quite an impressive list.

According to Taylor and Riklan, the specific goals of writing this book were threefold:

  1. To provide a great starting point for generating ideas and insights for marketing.
  2. To provide a resource guide with information on 100 of the top marketing minds in the world.
  3. To provide invaluable advice and tips from seasoned experts.

The book has tips on a wide range of topics from internet marketing, social media marketing, activation and exhibitions to differentiation, idea generation and copywriting.

Given below is a sample of some of the chapters:

  1. Ten Internet Marketing Rules to Live By
  2. Forget Benefits, and You Will Sell More
  3. Relevancy Rules for Google (and You Too)
  4. What Poker Taught Me About Business
  5. How to Be Fascinating
  6. Ten Top Metrics for Measuring Social Media Marketing ROI
  7. Tap into Your Think Tank: Twenty Ways to Generate Ideas That Will Boost Your Business
  8. Book Yourself Solid: How to Get Clients Even If You Hate Marketing
  9. Avoiding Dreadful Marketing Ideas
  10. The Great Brand Dilution

The book is extremely relevant for small businesses, especially internet businesses; that is why a large proportion of articles are on marketing on the net, including social media. However, since 21st century marketing is all about exploiting the net to its maximum, the book provides a great overview to all budding marketers, and possibly even seasoned ones.

The book is extremely easy and enjoyable to read. The articles are all short and to the point. And each article provides tips that may not be covered in depth but which could be explored from other sources. Most marketers would gain a lot by going through the book.

Rating: A

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