I just love the way Help Remedies market their products. Damn innovative! The packaging says it all!

Help Remedies, Inc. is an American pharmaceutical company that sells an assortment of single-ingredient over-the-counter medications. It was established in 2008 by Richard Fine and Nathan Frank. The company has been noted for its unique product packaging and design ethic. All products are packaged in a flat, white, textured box that opens like a tin.

Help Remedies differ from many other over-the-counter drugs in that each product is made with a single active ingredient, for example, the medicine used to help with a headache only contains acetaminophen. Help Remedy’s products also contain less dyes and coatings than many other drugs. Help Remedies’ products are intended to exemplify simplicity. Each of their products is named based on the specific symptom which it is intended to treat so that customers know what they are taking.

Great marketing idea! Very consumer friendly and shows that drugs and remedies can be marketed in a way that is not boring and predictable.
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